Independent Democratic Union of South Africa

The spear of the workers

We are a township based Union, registered with the department of Labour and we organise workers in all sectors across all 9 Provinces. 

Joining a Trade Union is a good Thing, Joining IDUSA is a great move. Welcome home to the most effective Trade Union. Once you have joined us as a member of the Union you will be required to adhere to the Revolutionary Code of conduct and the Constitution of IDUSA and to be a member in Good Standing you must be employed and pay the monthly flat rate subscription of R70.00 per month. The benefits listed below are available to all our members to exercise. If we have left anything out please send us the email, Whatsapp or even call us on our contact details as provided ......

Work-Related Legal Aid


We Union has a legal office that will be be available to advise the members and officials on all labour issues and legal technicalities. 



The Union members have an oppotunity to contact our legal department to draft their wills and store the will for them free of charge. 

IDUSA Newsletter


The union has a newsletter that will e circulayed to all the members 

Collective Bargaining


The Union will ensure that all its members get the best results out of all the collective bargaining agreements. We have rich history of previous collective bargaing. We have skilled and experienced negotiators at the disposal of our members. 

 CCMA & Bargaining Council Referalls and Represen


The Union has a primary mandate to represent it's members at deciplanry hearings, CCMA, Bargaining Councils and Labour Courts if the case warrants to be taken to that particular institution. We will deploy our highly trained and experienced union officials to handle you case, free of charge. 

Workshops and Training


The Unon traints the elected Shopstewards to represent the members of the Union to the best of his/her ability. We also extend the training to our officials and the Union members who might be be interested in training. 

Protection against industrial action


The Union as a you will at times have to be involved in industrila action and if that moment arrives, the Union will ensure that you are not jeopedised while at it. We will as a Union assist with the our experience to protect you and get better reaults. 

Deciplinary Hearing Representations


The Union makes it its priority to represent the workers both internal and external. We would like to make it our business to ensure that we tackle the issues both internal and external abd win cases, effectively saving jobs of our members. 

Funeral Benefit - coming soon!!!


Very soon, we will be annoncing our funeral policy plan that will ensure that our Union member get the burial with dignity.